The Gordian Knot: Slash Through Corporate Inertia, Maximize Telecommunications Savings

Savings Opportunities in Current DifficultiesThere is a silver lining to these current dismal economic times. The very hardships corporations face today may open a right thinking management team to solutions and strategies that historically would not be considered. Great management teams will likely embrace and maximize new savings opportunities while stressing efficiency like never before. This is especially true when it comes to right-sizing and optimizing your enterprises telecommunications and wireless environments.The Gordian KnotThe ancient fabled Gordian Knot was tied by the gods and purportedly could only be untied by the coming and favored king of the world. Only a great leader untying this knot would reveal his glory and gain the allegiance of the rulers of Asia Minor. The great Alexander of Macedon, sizing up the impossibility of the unraveling of the fabled knot, chose to change the rules, break the paradigm, and slashed through the enormous knot with his trusty sword. Then it is said he turned to the guardian priests and elders, pointed out that he and he alone had unraveled the great knot, then asked the guardian priests for their blessing. Who likely understood, that the same sword that dispatched the knot would easily dispatch them if they did not see the wisdom of the new king of the world. Alexander broke through the restricting traditions and comfortable paradigms of the peoples and other rulers of his age. Through ruthless initiative, creative strategies, state of the art war technology, boundless energy, and confident leadership, Alexander changed the boundaries of the known world. To this day he is one of the very few leaders in world history whose last name is ‘the Great’.Wikipedia states, “The Gordian knot… is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem solved by a bold stroke (“cutting the Gordian knot”)The Bold Stroke Often a business’s leadership has enterprise traditions and corporate philosophies that ‘knot up’ innovation lending support to the status quo. These times require a ‘Bold Stroke’ to slash through to more profitable strategies. Today’s difficult and treacherous economy demands ‘out of the box’ creative thinking. Many companies have recognized for years the importance of technology and the wise use thereof, to optimize various aspects of their company’s core business functions. Yet remarkably find themselves bound to higher than needed spend on non-core business categories. This occurs through dated sourcing practices, inefficient methodologies, lack of internal expertise, and no longer tested and true strategies once considered successful. Industry experts state, this is clearly true of most company’s telecom services and their current optimization strategies.Questions To AskHow is your company ensuring your telecom services are correctly utilized and in proportion to its real needs and requirements? Do you have in-house expertise in achieving Best in Class pricing and fully optimized telecom inventory/plan management? Is your telecom management team using Best in Class optimization solutions and strategies? Or are they locked into limited time/cost savings results their dated current inefficient efforts provide?Finding The Right SolutionI recently talked with a CFO of a major enterprise who acknowledged precisely this situation in his company. They could produce their product with ruthless efficiency, while their purchasing practices for non-core related sourcing (including telecommunications services) had been inefficient for 20 years or more. Some of those areas of spend accounted for 30% of their companies overall budget. However, their company’s corporate philosophy was in-sourcing, even though many of their internal human assets had neither the time nor the expertise, not to mention the energy left to fully optimize their non-core sourcing and management initiatives. He was happy to find that with the right solution, united with the industry expertise, and energized by a non biased third-party with a stake in the savings their efforts generated, was just what his company needed to accomplish significant savings and recoveries.Pick Up The SwordWhether, your enterprises corporate philosophy has always been in-sourcing, or your management team occasionally out-sources, the wise use of technology and out-source expertise on non core purchasing practices such (as telecommunications services) can truly be vital for your company in those areas that so often get overlooked. Perhaps it is time for you leadership team to pick up the sword, and slash through the inertia that plagues so many companies. Unleash the power of a telecom solution coupled with years of telephony expertise. This Smart-sourcing is a wise blending of your corporate assets and third-party expertise along with state of the art solutions. Smart-sourcing will maximize your optimization efforts for your corporate telecom environment through cutting edge expense and asset management and time/cost savings with resulting efficiencies.Called GreatWouldn’t it be awesome, if your management team would associate your name with ‘Great’ for thinking and stepping outside the corporate box… finding significant savings in ways never experienced in a time when it is undeniably needed. Perhaps now is the right time for you to pick up the sword & slash through the Gordian Knot of telecom optimization inefficiency and retrieve unexpected cost savings and recoveries. Your boss will think it great and you will be glad you did!Let me know if we can help?

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